The Chinese New Year Transfiguration of McDonald’s

Chinese New Year is about the only time of year when McDonald’s – as a U.S. fast food giant – found little role to play. However, CNY also sets off the world’s largest annual human migration as millions ‘migrate’ from 1sst tier cities back to their 3rd and 4th tier cities, Chinese also complete a whole set of ‘transfiguration’, their names change from ‘Mary’- which has an urban ring- to ‘Cuihua’- which has a rustic ring, their outfits change and even daily routines change. McDonald’s has a Chinese name—Golden Arches that mocked historically but given the ‘transfiguration’ traditions can now have cultural relevance with Chinese consumers.


In this increasingly data-driven world, the best marketers now use data to build strategies to drive growth.
As China’s top e-commerce platform known for the discount-heavy Singles’ Day shopping festival, Alibaba’s Tmall has access to some of the most potent data on Chinese consumers’ real-time spending behaviors. But to stand out in a discount-driven marketplace, it moved data from ‘background’ to ‘foreground’ as the central message.
By revealing niche tribe-based trends previously hidden but uncovered by Tmall big data, it was able to unleash trend-based consumption demand which turned out to be even more effective than a discount-heavy festival.

CDP based B2B marketing solutions empower HP’s growth

国双通过整合Social, Digital, Event全触点数据,为惠普搭建CDP营销数据中台,帮助惠普沉淀丰富的数据资产。通过以CDP为核心的B2B营销解决方案,以数据驱动的方法自动化营销流程,形成了从获客,识客,转化再到客户培育的闭环,帮助客户实现破壁增长。

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