Qualcomm “Discover the Endemic Species of China”

To increase visibility and relevance of Snapdragon's technical innovation among industry stakeholders and end users, Qualcomm came up with a pioneering idea: Filming a documentary with resolution surpassing motion picture standards in the absence of professional cameras — only with Sapdragon-installed smartphones.

Partnering with China National Geography and CCTV Mobile, Qualcomm launched documentary series Discovering China's Endemic Species as well as spinoff livestream "China My Home", inviting viewers to experience China's surreally beautiful while sending the message that everyone can be a master photographer through Sapdragon technology. The documentary series and the livestream made Sapdragon chips truly "seen" in front of a massive audience who were previously unaware of its existence, but also led to an exponential B2B business growth among its OEM partners.

Reshaping the New Art Tech Experience

For decades, Hong Kong was derided as a "cultural desert". With M+, HK now boasts an array of platforms for arts lovers. But still, many were yet to warm up to art appreciation.

As a market leader in consumer technology, CSL Mobile, has always been supportive in enriching people's lives through latest technology. While most use technology as part of their daily lives, it's easy to overlook the myriad of opportunities for art and the richness that flows through their circuits. CSL Mobile jumped on this opportunity to bridge the gap.

Using its revolutionary technology, "csl. 5G Lens App", CSL enable users to recreate Yayoi's iconic pumpkins at five naturalesque locations to echo the artist's connections with nature while breaking physical barriers.

The campaign was a success, earning high publicity, increasing csl.5G Lens App usage and connecting people to arts.

Yahoo TV Metaverse Co-Creation Lab

To promote Yahoo TV's "Virtual Production" with campaign thinking that triggers talkability, and encourages brands marketer to use it.

We present them Yahoo TV Metaverse co-creation lab, to challenges the limitations of virtual production, by inviting various brand marketing people to the studio for an immersive experience, and feel its attraction. We completed 3 brand presentations within 8 hrs., by using live draw to determine the topic. Using the 1200 different combinations, we were able to produce everything on air, no post production work necessary. The execution drew praise and notice within the industry and brought in numerous new collaborations.