City Canvas

‘City Canvas’ is about using arts to shift the perception of Hong Kong, from a commercial art center to a city that genuinely nurtures artists and artistic communities.

Art culture cannot be faked, it’s built step-by-step by artists themselves. Instead of ads, we supported artists in coming together, positioning Hong Kong as a city that welcomes and cultivates artistic collaboration.

We created four co-masterpieces by collaborating local and international artists. To ensure our message resonates, we transformed the city into a canvas, curating unique art experiences and walking tours near art happenings with the co-masterpieces or artists’ unique design styles. Each touchpoint led to a local art guide, encouraging exploration and deepening understanding of our art scene.

‘City Canvas’ surpassed previous campaigns’ metrics, with the local art guide receiving a record-breaking 12 million views. Qualitative feedback further indicates a positive shift in the perception of arts in Hong Kong.

Hello Hong Kong

This case is about welcoming and attracting global tourists to visit HK upon reopening.

To stand out among the tourism brands and effectively engage tourists at every stage of their journey, we needed an attention-grabbing approach that drive action.

Hello is a simple yet powerful word. ‘Hello Hong Kong’ has emerged as a platform to invite the world to say hello. It connects all those who have heard and said it. Through our ‘From, To, and Within’ communication strategy, we amplify our hello worldwide.

‘Hello FROM Hong Kong’ initiate Hello to friends, fans & families, “HK has been waiting for you to come back”. ‘Hello WITHIN Hong Kong’ unites and mobilizes the entire city join hands to extend a warm welcome to tourists with our best and new experiences. ‘Hello TO Hong Kong’ invites oversea fans Hello back to HK, shares their love for the city or their in-person experiences.

Making a unique urban city #StarlightBnB

■Overall : More than 18 great spots, showcased in 13 episodes in the Most Welcoming Regions on Earth, are strategically planned for tourism e-commerce sales.

■Netflix & OTT campaign : Through the first-ever global promotion on Netflix, the charm and visibility of Taitung expanded to 130 countries. In just 1 month, it quickly rose to the top 10 in international rankings in HK, Singapore and Taiwan, generating over 6k social discussions.

■#StarlightBnB resulted: This initiative aims to expand the overall impact of our content and, through the hashtag #StarlightBnB, assist domestic and travelers in swiftly planning their itineraries, drove a remarkable 143.2% increase in tourists and significantly boosted tourism revenue.

■Advertising success: 3 million high-click-rate exposures, driving 142.7% growth in Taitung’s tourism business.

■Setting records: Taiwanese film & Connect TV, recognized by Taitung County Government.

■Beyond numbers: Travelers embraced Taitung’s unique “inherent temperament”, discovering themselves in its unhurried lifestyle.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Launch Campaign

This campaign aims to satisfy the demands of target audience for the new E-class under Mercedes Benz and to change their expectations on vehicle selection from business /home use to more self-value realization

During the pre-sale, the idea combines with the “E” element of the eye chart that can be seen everywhere to output series of creative assets such as beauty shots and social clips, as well as peripheral souvenirs such as hoodie, which has narrowed the distance with consumers and shaped a new generation of E-Class and stimulates their purchasing desire; During the launch and the sustaining campaign, 4 KOLS from different fields were invited to tell their experience of the “space” in the car, so as to satisfy consumers’ sense of identity

This campaign successfully triggered a new perception and appreciation of the new E-class and cultivated potential consumers.

Rethink Your Ride

In HK, hailing a taxi has long been the go-to method for immediate transportation, but challenges in adverse situations remain. Introducing Uber Taxi as a convenient alternative, offering a more accessible option when a taxi is most needed! However, HK riders remain unfamiliar with the service, highlighting the need to enhance its appeal.

Key Objectives are clear:
Rise general awareness of Uber Taxi
Explain the merits of Uber Taxi in simple and memorable ways
Improve usage of Uber Taxi, betting the behavioral inertia of street hailing

By combining these elements—captivating films, an immersive AR filter game, innovative online display and outdoor placements, influencer collaborations, and strategic PDOOH executions—we crafted a comprehensive and strategically planned campaign. This approach allowed us to generate awareness, drive engagement, and highlight the unique benefits of Uber Taxi to the people of Hong Kong, tightening the brand image and exposure.

“I AM HERE”— IP Marketing for Growth

As China’s top-10 shopping complex, CDIFS targets customers from around China and promotes local culture to them. When brand building beyond its hometown is essential, CDIFS builds its branded mascot, “I AM HERE,” as a nationally recognized association that brings the brand’s personality alive and develops engaging experiences to attract visits and sales.

It employs branded scenes and merchandise to attract foot traffic, digital and social activation to optimize brand relevance, and affiliate marketing with top-tier brands to elevate the brand status. The mascot earned 4,000+ media reports, 515 million views, and 27.3 million shoppers’ visits in 2023. Its 17 million mentions in Google doubled the mentions of the Beijing Winter Olympics’ mascot. The branded IP social content brought 168.6% growth in online members recruited from multiple channels. Even the national media featured it as a must-visit landmark in Chengdu for tourists, indicating its contribution to the provincial economy.

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