Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

In order to attract the old fans of “Hotel Transylvania” back to the cinemas and win the new audiences’ hearts during the competitive summer vacation season, we partnered with Oath to create the 1st mobile-Web AR game campaign in Taiwan to break through the technical issue for users to get the cruise tickets to join the adventure with Hotel Transylvania 3. This campaign is also the 1st mobile-Web AR game case for Oath Asia.

Moreover, we designed a “pop-up online customer service”. The movie character, Dracula, became a travel service specialist to give users advice for summer vacation. Integrated with Oath Targeting techniques, we exposed the “Online Customer Service” advertising banner on travel, movie and life boards to connect with our target audience.

By creatively applying AR mobile technology and customer service online game, we automatically transported users into an interactive experience where they even forgot that they were watching advertisements.

Not only did our campaign fully engage our target audience, but we also grabbed their attention and motivated them to take a trip to their local theater and watch the movie. Ultimately, “Hotel Transylvania 3” surpassed all the media KPIs and the box office transcend the previous 2 installments.

HUAWEI Nova 3 – Like a Star

The smartphone industry faces a features arms-race, especially in the mid-tier range where me-too products shamelessly copy competitor capabilities and design. With the new Huawei nova 3, Huawei couldn’t rely on flagship features alone. Even with its superior AI and 24 Megapixel front and rear cameras for the perfect selfie, Huawei nova 3 needed to appeal to the heart, to stand out from the crowd and drive sales.

After an in-depth analysis of our target, we realized that the millennial smartphone customer journey shared intriguing similarities with luxury skincare purchases. It was all about self-expression and self-discovery. Knowing that our audience wanted to project the right image, the Huawei nova 3 message was simple – any moment can be turned into a VIP occasion. Our “Like a Star” campaign expressed optimism, energy and a dynamic tone of voice that drove desire in our audience, compelling them to interact. It put them in the spotlight to make every Huawei nova 3 owner the star of their social circle.


For LEGO, we created a ‘learn through play’ experience that literally leapt from the media to put both kids and their parents at the center of a magical world they could then both explore and learn about together.

Instead of targeting just kids, we switched to weekend co-viewing moments to target both kids and parent to start a ‘what’s this?’ conversation between them. With easy links and call to actions, there was then a natural digital pathway into the ‘learn through play’ experience combining LEGO’s exclusive Artic content and products.

This also gave the product a natural role that answered both kids’ need for play and parents’ urgency for learning by uniquely straddling both play and learning. This moved Artic Adventure from being just a ‘nice to have’ new toy to a rewarding, and memorable learning adventure for both kid and parent, an essential ingredient in winning acceptability from parents and delivering the off-the-scale results.

The first colonel to conquer eSports

KFC has made gaming a pillar of its communications in China. But this year, KFC had to go beyond sponsorships to make itself an integral part of League of Legends, the world’s most popular esport.

Fans like game stats, but esports has so many numbers generated in real-time that fans just rely on intuition to predict outcomes.

No typical fan can do predictive calculations while watching simultaneous things happening in a game. One influencer attempted to make such predictions, but he proved to be so inaccurate that fans saw him as a joke.

Hence, KFC saw this as the biggest opportunity to address an unmet need and elevate the fan experience.

Enter Colonel KI – KFC’s AI algorithm.

KFC partnered with data company PentaQ to create an algorithm that generated real-time game predictions, which proved to be highly accurate that fans just went crazy, constantly checking predictions throughout each game.

This new capability was the only way for KFC to truly integrate into the experience, and the Colonel was the perfect persona to deliver this.

To celebrate, the Colonel distributed coupons to fans and invited them to order KFC.

Colonel KI became the new League of Legends icon.

OLAY Women’s Day Campaign “Fearless of Age, I Have my Story”


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