Oreo X The Forbidden City


Water Cycling

WATER CYCLING, a cycling device that pumps water from underground and circulates the pond water. You can even connect it to a mobile device. Once you start paddling, the volume of water being cycled shows in real time. Your personal cycling score can be saved and accumulated. You can even compete to be the strongest cyclist that helps water to flow most.

WATER CYCLING not only helped to create a better environment for plants and animals,but also made the city healthier.

Nike: Getting Reluctant Runners Running

Not everyone is born a runner, but Nike believes everyone is an athlete. However, the athlete inside each of us needs a bit of inspiration to get moving. Knowing this, Nike wanted ‘reframe the run’ to get young Reluctant Runners who represent 75% of their audience in China moving.We realized they would rather be moving in the digital worlds of eSports than in the real world.Understanding this, we partnered with Tencent Game’s Monster Hunt, one of the hottest games with an immense fanbase. Creating a Nike product story that we delivered in a tangible, AR-enabled experience, we got Reluctant Runners moving as they hunted down monsters online and offline, making running less daunting and promoting Nike’s Joyride shoe in the process.To mimic the message that the Joyride makes running easier, Nike looked for a way to make moving around in the game easier.


In this increasingly data-driven world, the best marketers now use data to build strategies to drive growth.

As China’s top e-commerce platform known for the discount-heavy Singles’ Day shopping festival, Alibaba’s Tmall has access to some of the most potent data on Chinese consumers’ real-time spending behaviors. But to stand out in a discount-driven marketplace, it moved data from ‘background’ to ‘foreground’ as the central message.

By revealing niche tribe-based trends previously hidden but uncovered by Tmall big data, it was able to unleash trend-based consumption demand which turned out to be even more effective than a discount-heavy festival.

Nike Next%: Speed is Your Currency

Launching Nike’s fastest running shoe yet, the Next%, Nike needed to harness data to identify and engage the nation’s fastest and most dedicated runners. Amongst this audience, Nike wanted to increase brand favourability and create hype for the launch of the Next%.
Nike wanted to ensure the Next% would only be worn by its most dedicated runners, so Nike created the ultimate new currency for runners to purchase the industry’s top product: running speed. We integrated our mechanism within the pacing mobile apps used daily by over 24 million runners, daring them to go faster, allowing for easy synchronisation with pace tracking data.
Upon accepting the challenge, runners were redirected on different journeys depending on their speed. The fastest runners were directed to a QR code which would enable them to proceed with Next%’s purchase, while Everyday Runners were directed to Nike’s entry level shoe.

Never Stop Fighting

China is a complex and rapidly changing market, for HP’s business laptop ZHAN it was difficult to find and keep track of SMB B2B prospects, particularly with a vacuum of publicly available information to help direct marketing decisions and an environment where 99% of all business is small to medium, and 20% of them close every year.

In partnership with Tencent, HP was able to create a digital media network hub (mini program content platform) that added value to small business owners, helping the solve common challenges, elevate leadership skills and better scale their operations. This program provided relevant educational, inspirational content and valuable advice to more than 10m SMB decision-makers weekly, grew the HP ZHAN Club 63,000% but most importantly, established HP ZHAN as a leader in business solutions (not just hardware), empowering SMB owners to Never Stop Fighting during their ascent to the top.

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