Durex “The Game of Sex”

Durex wants to boost up condom sells in Taiwan. However, the high working pressure in Taiwan makes man rather play video games than having sex.

According to the latest investigation reports, people in Taiwan are having less sex than ever before. Therefore, Durex wants to make sex sexy and fun again. “The Game of Sex” was born, a sex card game combined with sexy online role-playing scenarios.

52 cards with extremely seductive foreplay instructions combined with 3 sexy online fantasies. Through “The Game of Sex”, couples can not only experience an unforgettable sex, but also spice up their sex life.

Since the game launched, this game causes a sensation on social media, and has created over 2 million related discussions. Relative to the third quarter, retail sales even grew by 20 percent.

The Growth of Colonel KI

Over the last decade, eSports has become China’s hottest pastime.

As a pioneer in China’s eSports world, KFC needed to transform itself from a sponsor into an organic stakeholder in this world, driving business via the creation of life-time value consumers during League of Legend’s 2020 Season 10 championship. But it knew it faced one key challenge. Gamers don’t just accept anyone. They want real value in order to engage. So, KFC sought to do this by upgrading the wildly popular Colonel KI into its official KOL spokesperson of the eSports world, creating the ultimate social schedule, as well as a host of deals to entice gamers and demonstrate value and win over China’s community of over 400M gamers.

5G Kung Fu Showdown

5G Kung Fu Showdown was created amidst the backdrop of China’s massive e-sports following. That has ironically swayed the younger mobile generation to be more connected to fighting games than actual, real, traditional Kung Fu itself. With the popularity of traditional Kung Fu fast fading, we wanted to reconnect the experience of an e-gamer to an actual, multi-sensory, real Kung Fu Showdown. With content and experience executed in an environment and platform – gamers are more familiar with.

To demonstrate low latency, high speed superiority of Huawei 5G and Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G, we brought together 2 exponents for the ultimate, multisensory virtual martial arts showdown. Between a real Kung Fu master and an e-sports gamer from 2 different locations.

Google: Project Kepler

COVID-19 led to thousands of job losses, while many businesses were struggling with a lack of digital talent. To help job seekers digitally up-skill themselves and businesses rapidly digitalise, Google provided free digital training to job seekers through multiple learning platforms, and assist to promote certified graduates amongst companies looking for digital talent by partnering with Zhilian Recruitment in Mainland China and 104 Job Bank in Taiwan. As a result, this campaign achieved 30,000 Jobseekers signed up, over 11,000 job-seekers participated the courses, and over 700 graduates getting employed in Mainland China while over 10,000 Job-seekers signed up, over 800 participants passed the courses, and 124 Jobs filled over 43 companies in Taiwan.

The One Google Project: Exporters’ Anchor During Uncertainty

As COVID-19 caused a dramatic impact on China’s exporters, Google played its role in supporting export businesses. While establishing Google’s position as exporters’ key partner, increasing brand affinity, and inviting more engagement with Google products, Google partnered with China’s leading knowledge app, Zhihu, to commit to a platform and develop a full-funnel experience for users and create the ultimate B2B and B2C knowledge bank for businesses looking to survive and grow out of the pandemic.

Collaborating with business professionals, creating audience tags, and running A/B testing, the campaign achieved over 1.6 million visits on content hub and over 11,000 participants in B2B training courses.