Porsche Delivery Experience

The Porsche Delivery Experience Assistant is a WeChat Mini Program that allows customers to choose their preferred way of receiving their newly purchased Porsche; From a party with family & friends to a spectacular flower arrangement to a driving lesson on a real racetrack – Porsche makes this moment special by offering a variety of delivery formats via a digital app.

Nevertheless, the app is also a tool for the staff at the dealerships to precisely plan and efficiently carry out each handover, taking into account the specific resource, capacity and bandwidth situation at the dealership. As a result, the app fulfills several purposes at once: It satisfies a customer need for an individual buying experience and, on the other hand, increases the retailer's efficiency. It also opens up new sources of income for Porsche through more individual, fee-based delivery service offerings.

Bringing New Attentions to The Pink Ribbon Campaign

For the past 29 years, this charity project has consistently dedicated to raise awareness of breast cancer prevention in Taiwan. Surprisingly over so many years, people are still ignoring or not knowing that breast cancer is preventable and should proactively check regularly. Moreover, women under 35 has 4.5x chances of getting breast cancer in Taiwan, it seems despite being one of the most advocated cancers globally, there are still more we could do. Our attempt was to grow people attention by elevating their experiences. Throughout the campaign, having an "actual" reason to use NFT, really played a vital role to spark up at every stage to achieve our goal. Our NFTs are not just memorabilia; they are redeemable at the Estée Lauder Companies brands' stores for goods and services. Utilizing new techniques in modern marketing era can quickly connect with our ideal targets and produce more diversified media release.

McDonald’s Global-first GA4 Predictive Audiences Activation

McDonald's Hong Kong's data exploration and usage journey has not stopped when they reached the climax of DMP usage for the World Cup in 2018. The threat of DMP sun-setting reinforces the exploration of first-party data compilation between McDonald's first-party data assets and Google's advanced data technology, the world's biggest data supplier, in Hong Kong. How could we marry both McDonald's data assets and Google's data technology for reaching even better business results and marketing campaign returns? Embrace McDonald's first-party data and Google's most advanced data technology and platform (Google Analytics 4) to generate a business result that is better than the usage of DMP and pave the road for predictive audience analysis for enhancing the performance of marketing campaigns.

VR Property Tour

COVID 5th wave prevented property viewing – an important part of property buying consideration – due to hygiene concern. Transaction deterred; market froze.

To transform the traditional property market, Midland went bold to DIGITIZE the category, once and for all. Introducing market-first Interactive VR Property Tour – Pioneering mixed reality, we 3D scanned properties by 4K camera. With just one click on WhatsApp, you are at the center of the property!

Connected with real-time screen and voice sync, Agent Live Guide is here to provide you feedback! With 3D dollhouse view, AI measuring ruler, AI renovator & VR Collaborator, we completed the data loop by analyzing every movement of VR tour to identify selection preferences, ultimately predict the most probable buyers of every property!

Midland VR Tour, sending property on the cloud.

Who is it that would need MDS!

We all know that human has limitation, such as limited in time and computation. To make our work more efficiency, we need helps from technology. In this complex data-centric case, we utilized different kinds of technologies throughout the whole campaign, including data integration, video generation, media planning and programmatic optimization. Using technologies as our servants, we successfully digested numerous data and produced personalizing video content, then have them being delivered and optimized in real time. Ultimately, we have accomplished the missions of this campaign, gained business back for McDonald's Delivery Service, and brought out interest of consumers to our service.

Celebrate the Joy of Togetherness

LEGO has found a way to help families connect during the Chinese New Year, which is traditionally a time of love and joy, but has become more challenging during the pandemic. As cloud gatherings have become increasingly popular, with over 7 million greetings shared last year, LEGO partnered with Douyin to create a CNY short video activation that was easy and fun for all ages and digital skill levels. The LEGO tiger dance, "Joy of Togetherness" was paired with a nursery rhyme and LEGO minifigures taught and danced along with family members to make the greetings simple and enjoyable. The Douyin Greetings Challenge invited people to create their own videos and was shared widely on social media and digital platforms, garnering over 228 million exposures. The campaign drove over 700,000 people to the e-commerce platform, with a 153% brand search volume increase.