Leveraging Weather To Boost Tea Trials

Yangguang, a new fruit tea contender in China, aimed to boost consumer trials and awareness in a market dominated by established brands. To overcome its challenge of low recognition and limited distribution, Yangguang partnered with McDonald’s to offer their tea across all outlets nationwide as a key tactic for consumer trial recruitment. The strategy utilized a campaign named ‘Operation Sunshine Detective’, inspired by the brand’s association with ‘sunshine’ and adjusted dynamically to weather patterns. This campaign was targeted at urban Gen Z consumers through a gamified, weather-triggered advertising approach on the Moji-weather app. It involved real-time clues linked to the weather, prompting users to redeem digital coupons for a trial at nearby McDonald’s outlets, thus driving traffic and product sampling. The campaign’s execution leveraged location-based technology to optimize resource use and met its objectives by aligning innovative technology and strategy for targeted audience engagement.

Sync With Lover

“Enjoy sex” is Durex’s consistent message to Taiwanese consumers. The powerful product brings physical pleasure to couples but can’t provide Taiwanese with the ultimate pleasure of emotional connection.

Through the “Sync with Lover” , Durex encourages couples to share their sexual preferences. As couples gain a deeper understanding of each other, Durex showcases the thinness and lubrication of its products, offering an ultimate physically and emotionally connected sexual experience.

Durex liberates the shyness of Taiwanese people, successfully elevating the joy of sexual pleasure from the physical aspect to the brand that offers enjoyment in both body and soul.

Hello Hong Kong

This case is about welcoming and attracting global tourists to visit HK upon reopening.

To stand out among the tourism brands and effectively engage tourists throughout their journey, we created attention-grabbing, informative videos that drive action at every stage.

Hello is a simple yet powerful word. ‘Hello Hong Kong’ has emerged as a platform to invite the world to say hello. It connects all those who have heard and said it. Through our ‘From, To, and Within’ communication strategy, we amplify our hello worldwide.

‘Hello FROM Hong Kong’ initiate Hello to friends, fans & families, “HK has been waiting for you to come back”. ‘Hello WITHIN Hong Kong’ unites and mobilizes the entire city join hands to extend a warm welcome to tourists with our best and new experiences. ‘Hello TO Hong Kong’ invites oversea fans Hello back to HK, shares their love for the city or their in-person experiences.

Hong Kong Police Douyin Official Account


Schwarzkopf CNY Campaign – POWER TO UNLEASH BEAUTY

1. 关注美团骑手,以情动人展现品牌人文关怀:施华蔻把目光投向真实普通而又不平凡的美团骑手,让消费者真实目睹他们的美从发型发生。
2. 联合微博发起#送给骑手的美丽订单 话题互动,积累了大量UGC。朋友圈精准投放,带来千万级精准曝光
3. 撬动新闻媒体大量自动转发,为项目背书,展现品牌社会担当,引发消费者的讨论和关注。

All Roads Lead to Nike Sportchella

Summer 2023 would be one of the most crowded seasons for offline activations, ever.

To stand out and convince consumers to come to OUR event, Nike needed a smarter way to attract consumers.

Leveraging the insight that maps apps are actually the key search engine for offline events and destinations, we partnered with Gaode Maps to develop a market first media collaboration.

This activation was then integrated into our full funnel strategy activating a matrix of influencers, targeted online ads, and Gaode Maps, successfully driving the most traffic to our event and making it the biggest event of the summer.