iClick Interactive Asia Group

The fast-changing and extremely fragmented marketing landscape in China has posed challenges to many marketers in following the trends and evaluating cross-channel campaigns’ performance. Experiencing rapid growth in recent years, WeChat mini-program is an increasingly mature marketing ecosystem and ecommerce platform that allows brands to connect with their customers and achieve ecommerce business success. As a leading enterprise and marketing cloud platform, iClick sets out to empower worldwide brands and marketers to quickly adapt to changes and effectively reach Chinese audiences through our innovative and strategic product offerings.

iClick began its journey with its proprietary programmatic marketing platform in 2009 and has grown from a start-up to a NASDAQ-listed company. Imbued with cutting-edge technologies and supported by extensive Chinese dataset, iClick introduced iSmartGo and iNsights 2.0 to provide our clients with the best full-stack smart retail solution and data analytics platform to navigate the diverse Chinese online market.