Anticipating Hungry Moments

World Cup provided an excellent context for McDonald’s to grow its McDelivery service, but the competition was equally intense in a 24/7 food paradise like Hong Kong! While football lovers never lack delivery options, McDonald’s saw a need to draw their attention without interrupting fans’ World Cup experience.

ANTICIPATING WORLD CUP FANS’ HUNGRY MOMENTS is the idea saw the fast food chain leveraged on data-driven insights along with Google’s Real-time Trigger Technology to deliver a personalized menu to World Cup fans. Worked along with DMP, McDonald’s were able to entice football fans at the most relevant moment, with the most suitable menu!

By anticipating hungry moments McDonald’s enjoyed tremendous success during the World Cup period, the digital banners delivered +33% click-through rate with CPCs reduced by 15%; pages view of McDelivery site +29%. Last but not least, purchase intent also increased dramatically with the Google Search Index surged 200% during the campaign period!

KFC – Awaken History with Technology


The Biggest Store, the Biggest Launch

UNIQLO opened its biggest store yet in China’s Silicon Valley, Shenzhen. We used media to maximize the impact of this launch by creating synced immersive experiences both offline and online.

UNIQLO hosted a fully immersive “The Biggest Store” launch, in reality, and virtually!

Inside the store, we used AR and location-based technology together with designer events to attract and fully engage visitors. Whenever people approach the area, promotion and event information popped up, inviting them to join this unique design and technology carnival.

Online, we created a virtual tour and shared it on QQ, one of China’s most popular social platform, to invite people from all over the country to visit.

Moreover, when another UNIQLO store was about to open in another city, we put outdoor ads beside the “under construction” sign so that people who walk by can scan a QR code and visit the Shenzhen store virtually.

In just a month, more than 1.6 million people visited our biggest store physically and virtually. 8 hours after the launch, our total sales reached 2 million RMB!

Secret Menu

Google Translate had an enormous task at hand: they needed to launch their first consumer facing product in China—Google Translate—without the power of the Google Masterbrand. Additionally, they needed to convert users in a highly cluttered and complicated mobile app market, convincing people to add Google Translate into their repertoire. We wanted to move Google Translate away from a utility tool to a platform where it could enable people to discover and be curious. To do this, we created new distinctive use cases that enticed people to use Google Translate in their everyday life. We instigated a habit loop to reward people when they used Google Translate to discover the world through a novel and interesting food experiences. The campaign proved a huge success for the brand, with 602 million impressions in only two weeks, allowing 1.1 million people to embark on a food adventure thanks to Google Translate.