Water Cycling

WATER CYCLING, a cycling device that pumps water from underground and circulates the pond water. You can even connect it to a mobile device. Once you start paddling, the volume of water being cycled shows in real time. Your personal cycling score can be saved and accumulated. You can even compete to be the strongest cyclist that helps water to flow most.

WATER CYCLING not only helped to create a better environment for plants and animals,
but also made the city healthier.”

Combing the Warrior Figurine’s Hair

How can classical art, seemingly so cold and remote,reach out to modern audiences? For Tsinghua University’s Art ‘Everlasting Like the Heavens’ exhibition,We worked with an expert in ancient Chinese hair, and chose a model who’s look is remarkably similar to that of the warriors from 2000 years ago. By fashioning these hair styles live in the exhibition space, we recreated the kneeling archer, the soldier, the officer, the general and more. The warrior figurines were brought back to life before the audience’s eyes. The average time visitors spent watching the performance was 50 minutes.

A Maze on Fingertips Helps the People Lost


Watch Out For This Woman

How does a Chinese technology brand champion worldwide female entrepreneurs in an authentic voice?
As a platform where women represent nearly half of all entrepreneurs, Alibaba enables females of all levels to achieve their potential with its digital technologies.
This campaign put spotlight upon exceptional female entrepreneurs, designers, livestream hosts and athletes who made positive contributions to moving the world forward, and by injecting a shot of positiveness to “Watch Out For This Woman” – a line long existed to belittle women, Alibaba sent a clarion call to women anywhere to start their own businesses and pursue their ambitions, inviting the world to “Watch Out for All Women”.