Celebrate the Joy of Togetherness

LEGO has found a way to help families connect during the Chinese New Year, which is traditionally a time of love and joy, but has become more challenging during the pandemic. As cloud gatherings have become increasingly popular, with over 7 million greetings shared last year, LEGO partnered with Douyin to create a CNY short video activation that was easy and fun for all ages and digital skill levels. The LEGO tiger dance, "Joy of Togetherness" was paired with a nursery rhyme and LEGO minifigures taught and danced along with family members to make the greetings simple and enjoyable. The Douyin Greetings Challenge invited people to create their own videos and was shared widely on social media and digital platforms, garnering over 228 million exposures. The campaign drove over 700,000 people to the e-commerce platform, with a 153% brand search volume increase.